20. May 2019.


Chardonnay Kalazić. Rich is the word that best both describes Chardonnay and explains its popularity. Its aroma is distinct, yet delicate, difficult to characterize, easier to recognize. It often smells like apples, lemons, peaches or tropical fruits. Its delicacy is such that even a small percentage of another varietal blended into a Chardonnay will often completely dominate its aroma and flavor. Oak commonly takes over Chardonnay if the wine is fermented or aged in new barrels or for too long in seasoned ones. This wine shows a pale straw yellow color and nuances of greenish yellow, very transparent.


Our wine will pair with poultry dishes, pork, seafood or recepies that have a heavy cream or butter base. Also consider pairing unoaked Chardonnay with guacamole, garlic, salads, grilled shrimp or even curry dishes. With long and distinguished following, Chardonay enjoys a very versatile image, with vintners offering a broad range of styles and structures. Its delicacy also allows Chardonnay to absorb the influences of different vinifacation techniques and appellation of origin. From rich, buttery Chardonays that boast power and presence to the unoaked fruit-forward Chardonnays that allow the varietal character and expression to be in spotlight, this wine is capable of accommodating most palates and just as many food pairing combinations.


Gentle and very likable smell of seasoned tropic fruit flavored with gentle notes of vanilla. This wine has strong and attractive taste which is, because of rich extract and exceptional maturity, very rich and harmonious. Taste is also very constant and it takes minutes after drinking, and in after taste, beside omnipresent wormless, feels delightful piquant note which invoke a new dram.


Dried fruits, nuts and almond dominate in this extremely rich and closely wine. Oak, lovely supplemented with vanilla and spices, perfectly balanced with nicely acids makes this harmonious and wormless. Beautiful gold yellowish color refer on creamy, rounded but in a same time strong taste with expressed barrique notes.

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