Pinot noir | The finest EKO wine in Croatia
18. June 2019.


Pinot Noir is one of the oldest grape varieties to be cultivated for the purpose of making wine. Often is described as being a ”difficult” grape, to grow, to deal with in the winery, and to find truly great examples of, but fans are passionate about this variety. Great Pinot Noir creates a lasting impression on the palate and in the memory. Its aroma is often one of the most complexes of all varietals and can be intense with a ripe-grape or black cherry aroma, frequently accented by a pronounced spiciness that suggests cinnamon, sassafras, or mint. Ripe tomato, mushroom and barnyard are also common descriptors for identifying Pinot Noir.

It is full-bodied and rich but not heavy, high in alcohol, yet neither acidic nor tannic, with substantial flavor despite its delicacy. The most appealing quality of Pinot Noir may be its soft, velvety texture. When right, it is like liquid silk, gently caressing the palate. Pinot does not have the longevity in the bottle of the darker red wines and tends to reach its peak at five to eight years past the vintage.


Although wine harmonizes well with a wide variety of foods, the best matches to show off the delicacy and texture of Pinot Noire are: grilled salmon, a good cut of plain roast beef, or any dish that features mushrooms as the main flavor element. Other main dishes that match well with Pinot Noir include roasted and braised preparations of lamb, pheasant, and duck as well as grilled meaty fish, such shark and swordfish. Best are foods that are simple and rich. Go easy on the spices, some of which may mask the delicate flavors of Pinot Noir and generally tend to accentuate the hot taste of alcohol.


Very attractive and reach smell. It is combination of sweet fruity notes which reminds on strawberry jam and plums with gentle smoky notes of coffee. Taste is extremely rich, harmonious and constant. Strength dominated on the beginning, but sparkling and freshness are perfectly kept, which are lately swooped with the sweets of extract, while it finishing with exceptionally long lasting retro taste where is interweaved with spiciness and attractive fruitiness.

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